It’s hot in Las Vegas.  But the marijuana market is even hotter.  Sure the recent Covid-19 crisis resulted in delivery and curbside pickup only.  However, we’re back to full service and cannabis sales are proving to be pandemic proof economically.  Simmering beneath the radar and during the shelter in place order was our collective call to action to get in the game.  I’m answering the call with Boss thoughts.  I told Florida attorney and celebrated Pot Daddy, John Morgan, that a brand by the people- of the people- and for “my people” was coming.  Mr. Morgan, it’s on the way! The niche for People of Color is grossly under represented in Las Vegas cannabis circles and beyond.  I’m stepping in to fill the void.  It’s unacceptable that a world class destination only has 2 Black owned dispensaries.  Frank Hawkins at Nevada Wellness Center and Kema Ogden at Top Notch Dispensary. Both deserve our full support! Gov. Sisolak and Tyler Klimas, new Executive Director of the Cannabis Compliance Board are advocates for increased minority participation in the sector.  We want to participate and partner in big way.


It starts with capital and ends with support.  Our Native American brothers at Nuwu Dispensary proved it can be done.  Our Latino sister Priscilla Vilchis is making her mark too.  Now it’s time for us to do it.  Black dollars will help make the push to serve our niche a reality.  Sure it would be nice if Jason Adler, Alex Wang and Daniel Finkelstein at Gotham Green Partners gave us millions like they did they boys at Med Men.  But we’re not waiting on a handout.  I’m convinced we’re capable of opening the door of opportunity and walking through it together.    Las Vegas is fertile ground for the launch of a premium brand owned by a Black man.  Memo to all- It’s coming soon!  I’m doing it not for me, but for people of color and all the people who support us and the culture.  Nevada has been a leader in eliminating some of the heavy handed regulations, high taxes and compliance issues seen in other states like California.  The data proves just how ripe the Nevada market is for sales too.  The green rush has exceeded projected cannabis sales each year since the state began full adult use with nearly $700 million in sales in 2019.  If we’re going to get in the cannabis game location matters.


Solid cultivation is here, and industry pros like Paris Balaouras and Armen Yemenidjian call Las Vegas home.  Major wholesalers, distributors, packaging, third party testing and 24-hour retail dispensaries.  We’re also home to the most expansive and comprehensive cannabis trade show in the nation MJBIZCON.  Las Vegas may be built on gambling, but pot is an important part of the new business model.  However, that model can not continue as business as usual.  Our people need to participate in the green rush. It’s time for all the dispensaries to set aside some shelf space, and do business with minority vendors.  Our people, our products and our dollars deserve to be reflected in the brands you carry. Money is green and so it cannabis.  The Color of Cannabis comes in so many beautiful shades. Let’s celebrate it and partner to make the industry a model for others to emulate.  Shout out to Vegas Cannabis magazine. Keep printing and press forward!

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    1. Youthie at - Reply

      Agreed! Thank you RT for all your research and studies to better our people and industry through economic confidence and education! P.E.A.C.E. from all of us at Voice of the Streets Radio Show!

    2. Grayson at - Reply

      It’s a lot of dispensaries in the Valley and they definitely need to recognize all their customers and locals too. Latinos and Black folks be buying the most products. We don’t just spend money on the Black Market. These Vegas shops need to offer variety and allow minorities to sell their products to. They need to support more vendors. We want to see our own people do well in this business.

    3. DM at - Reply

      There is a major cash flow market in the cannabis business, with expansion and growth minorties should be first in lime at the table. Black lives matter is a major talking point and what better way to allow conversation while allowing black people a piece of the pie. Cannabis is on it’s way to being a billion dollar business , this is an opportunity to allow minorties their piece…We dont want the recipe we just want are piece….

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